• Fresh Fruit Tea:
    As an industry pioneer, the product has earned a long-standing reputation. It has sold 2.5 million cups in a year and is No. 1 in the gaga category.

  • Jinyed tea
    Four seasons explosive IP, the collision between two or more super foods and tea makes the tea that young people drink are full of creativity.

  • Sanhao Salad:
    This bowl is packed with health benefits and is perfect for lunch or dinner. It provides a sense of fullness and satisfaction. Combining Asian flavors with fami...

  • Good Eating:
    Satisfy your “Asian stomach” with this dish that offers the perfect balance of carbohydrates, rich sauce, and a fulfilling experience.

  • Party Sharing:
    Experience global flavors blended with local ingredients. These dishes are easy to prepare, comfortable to enjoy, and provide a fresh, healthy, and delightful e...